Sally’s quilting and embroidery

The love of quilting is strong! – During the last 23 years I’ve developed revolutionary machines, techniques and assceccories for quilting and embroidery – and you can read, learn and enjoy here!

If you find interest in any of my SallyMachine embroidery machines you are not alone. Those are wonderful and awesome.

Angora garn partner

Angora rabbit is the source of angora yarn. Yes, it’s a rabbit and not sheep. And that yarn is amazing to work with, and one of the hidden secrets why I make so many awesome products.

AngoraUll is a nice place. They say: Our angora yarn store sells wonderful yarn made by angora and merino wool. All produced in Norway and in an ethical way. Our knitting packages comes complete with everything you need.

The source in Norwegian: Vår angora garn nettbutikk selger nydelig garn av angora og merino ull. Alt er produsert I Norge og på en etisk god måte. Strikkepakkene kommer komplette med alt set du trenger.

So whenever you need something extra. Something special. Check them out!

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